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EPIC KIX GIRL FIGHTING ACTION! Kix enters the heart of the Badass Badlands, confronts their notorious gangleader and takes on the bet of a lifetime. If she loses she joins Badass Corp….but if she wins she gets one wish and whatever it is, they have to grant it. Over 13 minutes of incredible, brutal, ass kicking Kix action…. skintight and thigh booted, Kix delivers the ultimate display of sexy mixed fighting dominance!


4 Responses to “WORLD WAR KICKASS – MOVIE (HD)”

  1. ManOfSteel99 Says:

    The beautiful and deadly Kix, again 🙂
    Great Video as always
    OMG, that skin tight outfit is HOT
    More Kix videos please!! Definitely team her up with Diva and either Gold or Red.
    I haven’t seen Gold and Red in a while.

  2. cider385 Says:

    She is strong and beautiful.
    The tight costume is the highest.

  3. Jo Says:

    Kix is a blend of beauty, strength and sensational fighting style. But there is another thing, she’s witty, has a lovely sense of humor. This makes her even more seductive, if possible.
    Anyway, I love to see her dominate her male opponents, this video is very well done and the fighting moves are very interesting. With Kix one is always satisfied!

  4. David Tong Says:

    is there any throat trampling moves in the clip? thanks

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