WONDERVIXEN – THE SEXIEST SUPERHEROINE ON THE PLANET. F V MMM.  Wondervixen is a one woman crime fighting sex symbol, her enemies don’t know whether to fight her or just fall in love with her. When 3 local crime lords come to take her out Vixen is in paradise – not only can she fight like a pro-boxer and kick ass like a martial arts queen but she can use her superstrength whenever she likes.  She loves a good challenge and in her satin tights, red boots and supertight corset she embarks on ripping all 3 men apart at the same time – she’s supremely confident and loves every minute of it and at the end of the day, once she’s through toying with them, she knows she’s going to have to kill them.

3 Responses to “WONDERVIXEN – THE MOVIE”

  1. Dollarz Says:

    Does WonderVixen do any throatlifts and neckbreaks?

  2. plat0nic Says:

    is there the headlock scene as in the still photos?

  3. Ahamd Fathy Says:

    I wish to see aj return again

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