INCREDIBLE BRUTAL SILVER ASS KICKING ACTION!  ‘BREATHTAKING!’ ‘JAW BREAKING!’ ‘BOOT QUAKING!’ When the notorious Hazard Triplets try to create their own nasty girl gang Silver has other plans. ‘BAM!’ She slips on her catsuit and thigh high boots and heads of to teach them what it really is to be bad! This is a one woman mission of destruction as she beats, batters, crushes and kills men with her bare hands and legs! BUT what happens when she faces the undefeatable leader? GET READY FOR A BIG SURPRISE! This is amazing high kicking, fast punching, throat lifting, gymnastic, athletic and brutal fighting mayhem.


  1. watchass Says:

    It’s the best so far. She really killed the guys. Nice leg-neck break too. SHe’s also very arrogant and gives no mercy.

  2. Fanmax Says:

    This is a corker. Takes me back to a young and pretty Diana Rigg in her leather catsuit kickassing guys in “The Avengers”. The fights from this site however are much better and
    we get triple value at least in the encounters. The guy (who not only must be the one that most beaten up by your lovelies) plays multi-brother roles here and is always great at being on the receiving end, even having a moment to dish it out back also great lethal Silver back before she finishes him (them) off

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Also, having a music and ballet snippet as part of the tough action mix must be a first and adds a laugh. The whole clip is a fun watch.

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