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EXPLOSIVE KIX FM ACTION! When Kix discovers her place has been robbed she knows exactly who’s to blame and heads out on mission of mass destruction. Her clothes, heels and boots have been stolen and this does not make a happy Kix.  When she finds the culprits she launches a fierce high kicking, power punching display of one sided female fight superiority, beating all the information out of both men. These guys will be sorry the day they ever crossed Kix but will she ever get her heels back??


2 Responses to “WHIPLASH KANDY”

  1. “Whiplash Kandy” from Kick Ass Kandy (Review) + Kandy Crisis Overview | Heroine Movies Says:

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  2. Fanmax Says:

    Just when we think that our queen of high-heeled mayhem couldn’t get any sexier we are proved wrong again time after time. This one where Kix releases her wrath on two guys, finally concentrating on the one still standing, is no exception. This video is great fun (I laughed out loud when she sprang out of nowhere straight on to the guys). Great to see her retrieval and donning of the black boots. There’s another change of outfit into gold lamé hot pants before resuming to beat up sneaky boyfriend. He must have twice her weight and muscle yet she makes taking him down so convincing.

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