DIVA IS ON FIRE! Underground fighting champion Beast has a new challenger…she’s beautiful, she’s smart and she’s going to kick his ass….she’s DIVA!  In the ultimate, no holds barred, underground fight Diva is going to beat, batter and brutalise this vicious warrior whilst barely breaking a sweat. Her high kicks are stunning, her gymnastic kicks devastating and her rapid fire punches and chops are knock out! Dressed in her high heeled boots Diva uses her incredible power, agility and flexibility to dazzle this previously unbeatable warrior – however hard he hits, she hits and kicks harder and she enjoys every moment of reducing this wall of muscle to a quivering jelly.


  1. Daniel Says:

    How many ballbusting there are here?

  2. Fanmax Says:

    Beautiful Diva, half in trademark KAK hot pants outfit and white martial art attire (a combination which I found fetching) contemptuously demolishes another tough bloke with her usual nonchalance. Quips “Nothing like a good pair of leather gloves for smashing a guy’s face in” (reaches round her back and said gloves materialise apparently from nowhere Bugs Bunny-like; hilarious).
    After downing the guy in the first half she reappears in rearranged MA outfit to finish the job. There’s a nice dalliance with nunchucks and with a twinkly smile she invites him to wallop her about (this proves futile of course). Love those headstands-with-a-kick which she does. In the closing moments she is merciless (punches him in the nuts at around the 9 minute mark; and we know that Diva with her superb physique packs a powerful ‘knuckle sandwich’, ouch).

    Her response to the prize offered at the end must surely lead to a following episode where she duffs up the miserly sponsor?

  3. diva_fan Says:


  4. Fanmax Says:

    It’s one mildly explicit ballbust. For those fixated on nut destruction scenes as the highlight(s) I suggest that, instead of repeating yourselves, to concentrate on other maledom adult sites which are designed more to cater (even if KAK’s girls remain in a class of their own).

  5. Fanmax Says:

    Sorry, maybe the word femmedom would be more appropriate.

  6. sasha_jackson_fan Says:

    You are wrong. Kickasskandy is all about femdom. Girls in high heels, spandex\latex outfit, with big boobs and no guns would hardly be able to beat those guys. All this english models have poor acting abilities, fighting skills and no charm. Diva is doing her usual acrobatics stuff far away from her enemies. This is no martial arts. The other models are even more ridiculous. The only point here is that sexy girls dominate big bad guys. I don’t see other reasons why people would buy this.

  7. Fanmax Says:

    True, that’s the reason we buy (although personally I prefer the ones where for a while the guys strike back and get the Kandygirls into tight corners, as has been done only very occasionally).
    I love the fact that resort to weapons is disdainful to the ladies and prefer using fists, feet and even, as you say, “far away” acrobatics. No-one bruises or bleeds. It’s fantasy entertainment pure and simple, so I never take it seriously and enjoy it for what it is. They may not be the best of actresses but who cares? I think one feels that they are having a good time.
    The girls need to keep fit so that can only be good for maintaining trim figures and personally I DO prefer normal not surgically enhanced boobs. There was a girl a while back who was way too top-heavy for my taste (doubtless you can guess who I mean; most of us thought her likeable in other respects, funny and reasonably skilled, so surprising she didn’t do more than about 3 vids).
    Diva, with those spectacular hour-glass proportions gets away with it for some reason, probably because she convinces me that she has good all-round physical power. Also I particularly enjoy her odd cheeky moves (the impractical but enthralling hand-standing for one), or playing badass.
    Yes the girls are sexy but as for stating that they have no charm I must disagree. Diva has it in my opinion and likewise that goes for Skarlet and a few others I could name (but shan’t so that those I might not endorse don’t feel left out!). Not that it’s a prerequisite in my book. As long as they are presentable, and move well, I’m happy.
    I certainly miss AJ (aka Sasha Jackson) , who now seems to have moved completely over to the NGC Kandy Crisis outfit where unfortunately one has to send payment in dollars (I much prefer to use sterling). Diva has appeared there too but appears to be dividing her time so glad that at least I can still get her on KAK.
    Let’s hope AJ returns to the fold soon. She does appear to combine beauty and charm with particular success.

  8. john Says:

    kickass is the weakest female fighting site on the web. The girls wear the lameset outfits. You got to show more ass. Used to be a fan

  9. Fanmax Says:

    The site is bound not to be for everyone, and we all have a right to express how good/middling/poor. Again, barring the odd suggestion, am happy with the format (hopefully still with newcomers on the way!).
    One suggestion in particular I have for Kickass. The main weakness to my mind is having the guys, selfless to a fault, predictably ground down all the time. Maybe they should be allowed to win once in a while?
    This as far as I’m going here on the subject, thanks for reading. Cheers.

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