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KICK ASS GIRL ACTION, THIGH HIGH BOOTS AND SHINY DISCO PANTS #2 After being gassed and KO’d by a national traitor Blaze and Skarlet find themselves bound up and angry and set out on a mission of mass destruction. Whilst Blaze toys with her man, offering him her phone number should he even make contact with her Skarlet takes on 2 men at the same time and dominates to destruction. However, what’s the sting in the tale this time?

One Response to “TOMBKANDY #2”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    My question is that when one side uses a knockout spray in a confined space against the other how come it doesn’t affect the users? Silly to ask really, one just takes it all as a bit of fun of course, and the real fighting when it arrives is worth the wait. This part loaded fine.

    (But a word about Part 1. That includes a photo set (hence the higher price) but, instead of having the video and the stills downloadable SEPARATELY they have been crammed together using my least favourite storage mode, i.e. into a single Zip file. I find this mode so baffling to operate due to difficulty of getting the video part separated out for play. Please KAK, don’t mash the video and photosets in together in this way, but keep them each on their own downloader, thereby presenting far less problem for users like myself).

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