The Silence of the Kick Ass

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The Silence of the Kick Ass

Now that rogue Agent Badnight has stolen the trigger and sold it on to the evil agents of S.C.O.U.S.E its up to special Agents Hi-Kix and Vixen to get it back.

Missions of this severity mean only one thing, they must go undercover as schoolgirls . This high kicking, power punching duo are going to make light homework of army of bad


6 Responses to “The Silence of the Kick Ass”

  1. AAllonnn Says:

    I likeee

  2. Graves78 Says:

    Though all Kandyman films are good – and as you can see from my comments, I’m kind fond of them – but there are still only a couple which can be labeled a “perfect”; where everything works flawlessly. Well, this movie is one of them (One Flew Over… is another).
    The movie is long, with plenty of content. The outfits are simply heart-stopping (Vixen is more beautiful then ever!), and the girls’ attitude is spot on: raw beauty and power. The action contains many wonderful moves that are unique to this movie, including a rapid series of kicks from Hi-Kix (with two unfortunate henchmen at the receiving end), and a speactacular overhead kick from Vixen, which is simply the best single kick ever made in movie history (you can glimpse it on the sixth picture above). This time, even the evil guys get more personality, with some genuinely humoruous introductionary scenes.
    As I wrote above: perfect.

  3. kickslover Says:

    I agree with Graves78… I find this movie to be THE most perfect movie I’ve ever seen! Both girls are PERFECT… attitude, beauty from head to toe, sexy moves, sexy fighting, playfulness… ok, gotta stop somewhere, but really, PERFECT! MORE PLEASE!

  4. Golu Ker Says:

    great job guys. these barefoot kicks are genius.

  5. aj ADDICT Says:

    First time shoes and berefeet the result is in my opinion the best film without AJ one of the 3 best film of ever…

  6. orvi_jo Says:

    perfect shoes, perfect skirt, perfect girls. It need more fight, the girls are spys and need to make confes the enemis or steal information. Excellent victory pose. One of my favorite vids

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