The Kick Ass Strikes Back

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The Kick Ass Strikes Back

Agent AJ has been captured by two idiot henchmen, it was easy…too easy ! and they suspect nothing. Fools. AJ is back with a vengeance and so too are the high kicks, karate chops, the one liners… and the catsuit!

2 Responses to “The Kick Ass Strikes Back”

  1. iLoveSashaJackson Says:

    Best video i ever saw

  2. CU Jimmy Says:

    NAH! I don’t like her!
    Although, I would marry her in a heartbeat! 😉
    AJ is absolutely Stunning !!! Gorgeous face, fantastic body, plus she’s very cute in front of the camera… I like her acting, plus her kicks are fab!
    I absolutely adore her kicking ass when in tight and shiny catsuits! I hope to see many more of her videos in the near future where she wears more catsuits and kicks tonnes of ass 🙂
    I’d DEFINITELY buy all those vids! 🙂

    PS: And in case you hadn’t noticed… Of course I like AJ! Are you kidding!?! She’s cuter than a box full of kittens!
    She’s the yummiest! ;):)

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