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Vixen is being stalked by a jealous ex-boyfriend and he sends 2 thugs to ransack her apartment. Vixen catches them and rips the 2 robbers apart at the same time, in her Daisy Duke shorts and beige leather thigh high boots and then changes into her catsuit and black thigh high boots to beat up her ex-boyfriend for instigating it. Vixen is poetry in action!

2 Responses to “THE DUKES OF KICK ASS movie”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just want to say that this is in fact my custom video which was kindly arranged and made for me by the great team here at KAK and features the one and only Vixen who i cant praise enough as yet again she gave a 100% performance displaying both her combat skills and superb acting ability’s.

    Vixen is defiantly one of the best featured KAK babes who as to be admired for so many reasons, one being her all round general look, and no more so than in this as she looks out of this world kickingass in her Daisy Duke outfit with Beige Boots and if thats not enough to wet your appetite she then slips into a tight black leather catsuit and matching Boots for the big kickass ending by annihilating her ex-boyfriend.

    If your a fan of Vixen, and if your a fan of everything KAK then you’ll simply love this one, thats a guarantee.

  2. boss man Says:

    Love the knee in balls.

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