Evil Silver and Red are on a mission to capture The Intersect, a Government Op with the nations secrets programmed into his brain. They’ve snuck into a Government high stakes Poker game and are going to find the identity the only way they know how…by beating it out of them.  Needless to say these brutal and deadly femmes are going to use every martial art and dirty fighting technique known to woman to bring these guys to their knees!

The film comes with a free behind the scenes action photoset containing 50 hot hi res stills!

6 Responses to “the badass suspects + bonus”

  1. Chris Says:

    Those knees to the face were beyond amazing

  2. Rana_manggala Says:

    Her thigh and knees to the face were beyond surprise

  3. Chris Says:

    If they post a pic of a knee to the face its practically the same as mugging me at gun point for a buy!

  4. JadeOwl Says:

    I purchased this video yesterday and I highly recommend it. The action is very nice, and I found the way the story was structured to be very funny. As was the case with ATTACK THE KICKASS, the pacing and action was greatly enhanced by the fact that more so than in previous videos, the men actually try to fight back and occasionally their blows connect. It doesn’t do them any good, but it improves the quality of the action. As you’ll notice I’m not a big fan of 100% unilateral beatdowns. I prefer it when they at least try to fight back.

    As for the humor, one bit in particular that I loved, but that I won’t spoil but that you’ll recognize, is when the scene switches between Red in the bedroom and Silver in the dining area with the two other guys. HILARIOUS!!!

    If you think like me and adore the fact that in addition to gorgeous girls and first rate action, KAK also offers the humor that is so often missing this genre, then you have to buy this one.

  5. Mapoggi Says:

    i`m prefer scissor kill!!!

  6. David Tong Says:

    how were the men killed in this movie?

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