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LADY JADE – THE POSH GIRL SPY – has been given the green light to wipe out an entire base of enemy militants using her deadly brand of unarmed combat. The society heiress, dressed in shiny black catsuit and leather boots destroys her prey using her legs and fist to deadly effect. With a smile on her face and an arrogant swagger in her step, Lady Jade rips apart men twice her size whilst barely breaking a sweat. Wall to wall high octane action – boxing, karate, kickboxing and smart ass putdowns makes this Lady one deadly chick.

2 Responses to “STRICTLY KICKASS”

  1. opponent12 Says:

    Idk if Jade is my first favorite on this site, but one thing I do know is that I have loved every single one of the movies she was in, its a shame she didnt get more solo features.

  2. dxp Says:

    Jade is incredible- so feminine, great smile, great attitude, having the time of her life humiliating these men- would love to see her in a movie where men are wiping her shoes and serving her… also a team-up with JJ would be a dream

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