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BLAZE, THE ONE WOMAN FORCE OF DESTRUCTION, STARS IN HER SOLO DEBUT! This beautiful high kicking, power punching force of nature has been kidnapped by a group of Scouse militants who want to find and free their leader – they think they can beat the information out of Blaze – silly boys. This incredibly sexy fighting machine enjoys pain and when she frees herself she gives these boys a beating they’ll never forget – for Blaze this is sport and she loves ripping her men apart. Standing tall in her thigh high boots and corset this goddess of power takes unleashes humiliating individual beat downs but when she offers to take them both on at the same time can these men rise to the challenge?

3 Responses to “SPECTRE KANDY”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Amazing video! all those crotch-shots, headsccisors, high-kicks, cheap-shot to the eyes and that move she pulled at 10:48 that I don’t know what is called but it’s awesome!

  2. Fanmax Says:

    No sooner do guys get beaten to a pulp by one flexy Kandygirl in an episode then up comes an awesome double-jointed Amazon who really gets to work here. I wondered why she didn’t go after the guy fleeing downstairs first. However, after ruthlessly despatching the one who legged it to the top floor she confidently searches out the other dimwit to tell him that there was NO escape – all exits were locked. Another enjoyable episode with a new supergirl. The only query I have is how did the goons ever manage to tie up Blaze (ineffectually raining punches on her) in the first place? Looking forward to seeing what happens when she goes after the next gang member.

  3. Anonymos Says:

    I Think that you shall put all the trailers on youtube, cuz I think you will get more visitors here. And I love your girl. <3<3

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