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The gorgeous Cat and Athena go undercover schoolgirl and try to solve a mystery of epic Scooby proportions. The base is swarming with vicious ghouls, fiends and mad men and its up to the Kandygirls to beat them all up before they solve this intriguing case. Decked out in the finest schoolgirl mini skirts, stocking and thigh high boots these girls fight like they’ve never fought before, physically ripping apart these dangerous characters. “Outstanding schoolgirl action” The New Yorker.

5 Responses to “SCOOBY KICKASS”

  1. ENormoussss Says:

    it’s really fantastic movieeee…Hovewer it would be more amazing if the girls’ underwear was g-string or hotter underpants…

  2. Chocojerk Says:

    amazing knees to the face

  3. Cksaagsn Says:

    Want to see “white panty” when she kikcs, not pants.

  4. Christian Says:

    I thought the outfits were amazing i just don’t like boots that cover the knees

  5. Ky8711 Says:

    Please no shorts under the skirts

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