Saving Private Kick Ass

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Saving Private Kick Ass

The army are having problems with discipline in their Elite ranks, the specialist soldiers have become over-confident and complacent and their General wants to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget – that’s why he’s called in Agents Vixen and Kix to let loose on them and give them a beating they’ll never forget, it’s an absolute kickfest!


10 Responses to “Saving Private Kick Ass”

  1. Captain Caveman Says:

    THIS IS ONE OF THE GREATEST FILMS I’VE EVER SEEN! Vixen and Kix take on elite soldiers and demolish them, Kix is the greatest fighter of all time, her fights are breathtaking! i’ve never seen such agility and power – she can clearly destroy a man with ultimate ease. Vixen is a powerhouse, she dominates her prey with such skill, grace, confidence and force – she could kill a man with those incredible high kicks. You have no peers Kandyman – your site is the best thing EVER!!!

  2. jaye Says:

    agreed..they should be in heels…as Kandyman quoted they are ‘true professionals’…true professionals in flats!!!…sorry, this one’s not for me…looking forward to a fortnight’s time and (hoping) the heels will be back out 😉

  3. mark Says:

    lol…what next..UGGs???

  4. kandyman Says:

    Actually – Vixen is wearing 4 inch heels throughout the entire film but you probably haven’t worn heels on soft ground before guys have you….they sink in!

    We actually had to stop filming with Kix when she couldn’t take 2 consecutive steps because her heels were like needles in jelly. Its your loss though because Kix’s fighting is the best we’ve ever seen, primarily because she’s not in heels.

  5. kamach240 Says:

    Well I don’t know what these guys are on about. I am heel lover but I have to say this was one of the best Kandy films I’ve seen.

    And WOW, Vixen and Hi-Kix looked and fought fantastic.

    Thanks guys, keep up the great work.

  6. kickslover Says:

    The movie is fantastic. I love Vixen. She is always the best. I don’t have critisism at all. More is better (perhaps more leg-skin and lighter shows would be better).

  7. Andrea Says:

    Very nice.

  8. Lulu Lesbian Says:

    This was one of your better videos, but I agree that you need strikes to the groin. Otherwise it’s clear that you Kandy Girls are afraid of the boys. To get full dominance and humiliation of the males they must be kicked casually, or authoritatively in the groin, from behind or in front. When they are standing or spread wide, face down on the ground. And Karate chops, too, and grabs to their crotch, forcing them down on their knees!
    Come on Kandy Girls! Show these boys that we are in control.

  9. aj ADDICT Says:

    Not bad, j think taht this film is a bit different and this is good… Sometimes changes are good…

    The situations must be different every times

  10. iLoveSashaJackson Says:

    This is one of the better films but yet i like sasha jackson the most

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