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Wandering Lingerie Model  / Kickboxing champ CLUBBER THONG is looking for some kickass action and strikes it lucky! On the very same day Kix is looking to give local hardman a good kicking and half way through a no holds barred beatdown there’s a knock at the door. Amazing ring action as Kix and Clubber unleash their brutal kickboxing skills on one very unlucky tough guy.  LOST FOR YEARS! This movie had been lost for 3 years but rediscovered and brought back to life for Xmas. CLASSIC kickass action.  

One Response to “ROGUE KICKASS”

  1. JadeOwl Says:

    This is an absolute must have. The action is simply and unabashedly amazing!

    Kix demonstrates an amazing array of moves and looking at Clubber will make you feel like you were the one being hit, she looks so amazing.

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