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SUPERHOT KIX FIGHTS 1..2..3..4…..5 GUYS AT THE SAME TIME! She’s a one woman army taking care of the rough Roadhouse bar and when a gang of local tough guys break in she rips them apart. Underestimating the brunette beauty and her thigh high boots they throw the first punch and soon regret it. The world champion kickboxer springs into deadly action with her roundhouse kicks, knockout punches and gymnastic punishment and barely breaks a sweat. She enjoys ripping 5 grown men apart so much that she toys with them until they can take no more. That’s when Guy No.6 steps in and at 6ft 5 and built like a brick wall Kix may have bitten off more than she can kick…..

One Response to “ROADHOUSE KANDY (HD)”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    My, how time flies for this viewer having fun! KAK has done us proud by bringing in lots of guys (some of whom seem new) gatecrashing in, taking on awesome “Don’t touch my hair” Kix and ending up obligatory punchbags (silly lot). So, plenty of a*kicking action, much of it funny, to keep us happy during this bar bust-up. One question. I know that we’re not to take anything seriously (e.g. those cast-iron abs), but just how is your girl-in-chief supposedly an even deadlier kicker when in bared feet?

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