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A rogue government experiment has created the ultimate Supersoldier and she’s on the loose on a mission of maximum destruction. Having sapped the fighting skills, strength and power from Kix and Scarlet, SuperSoldier Diva is now going to break into a heavily guarded fortress to steal the serum to make her powers permanent. Along the way this deadly skilled, uber flexible martial artist is going to destroy anyone that gets in her way.Chasing and trying to stop her are Kandygirls Kix and Skarlet in FM action but will they ever catch this fiendish catsuited minx before it’s too late?  Well….. let see.

  • Fanmax

    Terrific. We don’t have just two of your sexiest catsuited kandygirls but three, all on great form as usual, creating juicy mayhem and making mincemeat out of a hapless gang of guys. It also has a lot of kandy type humour and the action is fantastic. Super-hard acrobatic kicking (one guy gets it in the nuts as we get beyond the 5 minute mark), and good solid gut punches abound. Also splendid to see that Kix remains not impervious to blows, e.g. the odd punch a guy actually manages to get in, which makes it less predictable (and more interesting too). Dying to see a Kick Ass Femmes style follow-up where Kix and Skarlet do (I hope) succeed in finally having a huge showdown with wily, beautiful, charming and seemingly invincible bad girl Diva. Meantime, for this 3-girl power entertainment, 5 out of 5 stars.

  • diva_fan

    Is there ballbust by diva????