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ITS BAK ON KAK!  The 3 hottest Bad Ass chicks on the planet, Red, Silver and Gold, are about to attack the Government’s most heavily armed maximum security stockade, using only their fists and their fabulous legs. Colonel Badass accidentally got caught trying to rob it and its up to his girls to get him out. They can’t wait! these girls are going to rescue the Colonel and cause as much pain, injury and damage as they possibly can, along the way. Carly Stratton stars in this kick ass classic.

One Response to “RESERVOIR BAD ASS”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Just come across this and already one of my faves. It’s so funny yet has loads of sexy hard-hitting action and one big guy gets in a hammer blow at Red (he pays for that of course).
    Couldn’t make my mind up whether I preferred Red or Gold, they’re both hot!

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