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BREATHTAKING…..ALL ACTION….NO HOLDS BARRED….TOTAL BEATDOWN….One of the best kick ass action movies you’ll ever see. This is end to end action, Kix at her best, spectacular kicking, furious punching and devastating power. When the local hard nut stumbles into Kix’s gym he’s gets more than he ever bargained for, it’s his birthday and he wants some action….so Kix delivers, in her own unique way.

4 Responses to “PUSH IT KANDY (HD)”

  1. Angelo Says:

    Nice video, good skills!
    Now i want to see again Clubber into the ring!!

  2. Fanmax Says:

    Reminding the birthday boy that she’s kicked his ass before Kix lays into the regular glutton for punishment guy (well played by Jon) something rotten and both get a

  3. JadeOwl Says:

    This spectacular video lives up to all my expectations!!

    The action is simply amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kix kicks and punch with such devastating power, it’s simply and epically amazing!! 😀

  4. jjtt Says:

    bike shorts, big turn off never buy this

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