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Beautiful girl fight action starting the incredibly gorgeous Cat and the super sexy Silver! Dressed to kill in skintight Catsuits and thigh high leather boots these girls soon become unbeatable!  These 2 sexy secretaries hear that their old boss has become a sexy pest again and they want to teach him a lesson – not only do they change into their supersexy fight outfits but they drink a little ‘Superstrength Serum’ to become incredible. They have a series of guards to beat up for starters and then they get their hands on the boss! This is high kicking, karate chopping, lethal punching supersexy girl action at its best!

2 Responses to “POWER KANDY”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    I was disappointed that the guys were such pathetic ninnies again. They just stood there and allowed Cat and Silver to beat them down, so the opening where the girls gulp down a super strength serum wasn’t really necessary. It was great of course to see these lovelies in their catsuits and in action but please give them tougher adversaries. I expected SOME to and fro action. It would have been more interesting to have given the serum to the guys instead so that THEY could in turn knock the girls around a bit, at least for a while.

  2. lestat Says:

    I agree on this. I find great girl empowered stories. Too much of it though, creates a boring atmosphere. No exitement. No danger. Just girls kicking ass without an ounce of opposition. I find it kind of dull

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