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When Vixen’s boyfriend gets beaten up in a bar she decides to teach the bully

a lesson. Dressed in a tight mini dress and sexy high heels Vixen is a blur of sexy girl fighting action! This film has everything – high kicks, karate, knees, stamps and knockout punches, all with typical seductive Vixen sex appeal – and the more she beats him up the more turned on she gets! BONUS – just when you thought it couldn’t get any better stand by for the erotic fighting cameo from Sweden’s most famous fitness model, Ice! She has a body to cry for, thighs to sigh for and a kick that’s to die for!








4 Responses to “PACIFIC KICKASS (HD)”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    It’s worth being thumped if you’re Vixen’s boyfriend. She gets “in the mood” after beating up the guy that took you down in the first place!
    My only complaint is that guys in your videos who think they’re hard are really wimps that just stand (or not) and simply take it, or swing back but ineffectually.
    Ice is a welcome new hottie (despite the name), poured into a slinky leather outfit I just love – more, please.

  2. Ghost999 Says:

    I agree too…
    The fight choreography is great… But it is like hitting practice dummys

  3. neo Says:

    I loved it, my favs were the ballbusts.

  4. MatijaBarajac Says:

    Nice action. There should be more action from the guys, they should at least try to attack or defend themselves.
    Vixen and Ice are really hot, they should fight as a team in some video.
    They fight so elegantly yet in high heels.
    I loved when vixen kicked the bully in the testicles and than mocked him.
    ”Uh, that’s got to hurt.”

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