One Flew over the Kick Ass Nest

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One Flew over the Kick Ass Nest

AJ is bored and when she gets bored she gets dangerous. Having been denied entry to her country club for beating up an entire rugby team for looking at her funny she’s looking for another place to work out. It’s fortunate for her that the world’s most violent and sadistic gang leaders are working out down the road and seem to be in dire need of a good kicking.

3 Responses to “One Flew over the Kick Ass Nest”

  1. Graves78 Says:

    In my humble opinion, this is perhaps the best KAK movie ever made (though there are many serious contenders). AJ looks heart-breakingly beautiful, and her attitude is spot on: cool, confident, but also teasing and playful. Her moves include a nice balance of kicks and punches, with some really amazing repeated-kicking-action and a unique moment at the end where she casually kicks the face of a knocked-out henchman while she walks away (without missing a step). This movie is definitely a must for everyone.

  2. aj ADDICT Says:

    And you talk about humble opinion!!! you’re a great !! this is really the best film…

  3. ilovesashajackson Says:

    this is my most favourite clip ever i wud do anythin to get beatun up by her

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