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DIVA. LEATHER CATSUIT. KILLER BOOTS. KICKASS ACTION. PERFECTION. Superspy Diva breaks into an enemy hideout, her mission is to humiliate and destroy…her weapons? her body of course. In this longer length epic she tackles a series of henchmen before she goes one-on-one with their massive maniac leader. High kicking, gymnastic, karate chopping, kickboxing beatdowns galore. 

One Response to “NUCLEAR KICKASS”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    You said it. Perfection. Certainly pretty damn close anyway. I love KickAssKandy favourite Diva behaving badass (no ball-busting, but plenty of bone-crunching and during the preliminary big fight whacks a henchman on the skull with the last object you’d expect), yet this time she’s engaged on a heroic lone mission. The second henchman runs away but then has to deal with hard-as-nails bossman. The second in command, the bossman (even “first aid box” man) prove to be tougher nuts than usual.

    So, Diva, decked out in a great lethal-looking catsuit and for all her veneer of self-assurance has vulnerable moments of less than superheroine invincibility here. The intent to defuse a planted nuclear bomb turns out to be less plain sailing and tougher than apparently even she expected. She has to smash through the line repeatedly using every ounce of her powerful punching and signature cartwheeling boot-smashing to take them all out. I applaud KAK here for maintaining this tack rather than taking the easy but less interesting way out giving her mystical powers.

    The final two battles were just what I was hoping for. The second one is also quite long and has proper to and fro twists. In the final curtain of course she, by now somewhat battle-weary, determinedly takes on the bear-like bossman. He does his darndest to break her arm (which must have pure iron running through it!).

    Long may Diva reign.

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