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FAST AND FURIOUS GIRL FIGHTING ACTION! KIX IS IN THE MOOD TO KICK ASS AND SHE BRINGS HER BIG FIGHT SKILLS AND SUREFIRE COCKY ATTITUDE ALONG FOR THE RIDE. In Night of the Kickass, the criminal underclass of Kandyville seek revenge on Kix for ruining their business enterprise but anyone they send is met by the fists, feet and knockout power of the sexiest fighting action girl the city have ever seen. Kix is in total dominant mood and dishes out some incredible punishment!

One Response to “NIGHT OF THE KICKASS (HD)”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Kix at her funniest and also delivering some of her most powerful punches yet. I don’t think neck-breaks are all that essential even when not to be taken seriously and the music is often too loud. The best fight is the middle one where she takes a beating back, the guy wrecking his knuckles more then actually doing her damage, and then, without giving anything away, she dispatches him in, for KAK, a less usual way. Great stuff. Just remember to keep the music down or not have it at all. The action is perfectly exciting with just the sound effects anyway (superb as ever).

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