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INCREDIBLE VIXEN ACTION! When a car thief attempts to steal Vixen’s car he finds himself in deep deep trouble! Nobody steals Vixen’s car!  Incredible, intense, hard hitting Vixen action! Dressed in a tight leather skirt, stockings and killer heels Vixen returns from shopping and catches a thief red handed – he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life! Vixen beats the hell out of him.  Her high kicking, powerful punching, knee thrusting beatdown is too much for this guy so she offers him an enticement… if he can beat her he keeps the car but if, or more likely when, she beats him up she takes him home to be her slave!


  1. dxp Says:

    I’d like to see a sequel where we get to see the things she does to him 😉 Hoping for more content where the girls have male slaves and… have their way with them

  2. Fanmax Says:

    Intriguing idea dxp. Nonetheless if someone attempts to steal my car it’s my fantasy that super Vixen, sporting a similar kind skirt, would step in and do the same, excepting not to apply the “fringe benefit” to the thief afterwards. She can switch that to me (and hopefully vice versa!).
    Not sure why V’s shopping brand plug got in there but this has more great Kandy action. There’s a good back alley location choice used for the most part here, private but with generous open space enabling V’s whirlwind attacks and nifty moves.

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