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KIX STARS IN BRUTAL RING FIGHT EPIC! One man has stepped up to the challenge, defeat the Champ and he’ll walk away with £1 Million… little does he know that Champ is Kix and he’s in for the beating of a lifetime.  This huge, muscular pro fighter underestimates Kix at his peril as he’s mercilessly ripped apart. Kix is quicker, more agile and has a punch and a kick that devastate. The contender is no fool, he tries everything he has but Kix just knocks him down with a huge smile on her face…as the fight goes on she steps up her game displaying the most mesmerising show for force, power, skill and arrogance, this is Kix at her very best!  This is intense, it’s violent and it’s filled with Kix’s greatest hits. It’s unmissable. 


7 Responses to “MORTAL KICKASS”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Always been my hope to see a cocky hunk baring his chest when challenging a Kandygirl and see her destroy him as she sets to work pummelling right into it. This ring contest video is just the ticket. Kix indeed pummels him hard, then well and truly uses her other impressive arsenal to the full, her body delivering practically every conceivable type of storming assault on to his. And, of course, her famous kicks, with or without boots, are awesomely employed and have greater variety and deadliness than ever. How one winces as she mercilessly and viciously swipes into his nuts soon after the ten-minute mark! Appreciation also to the guy playing the part of unwittingly setting himself up for fall. He depicts his wounded ego, humiliation (which includes being symbolically “debagged”) and physical pain superbly. The sometimes amused, sometimes shocked referee and small band of open-mouthed onlookers add to the comedy element. Overall this is one hell of a sexy beatdown. Well done KickAssKandy!

  2. Joseph Says:

    I can’t share if this is a good video. I paid for it, the file wouldn’t download. I clicked again the download button and I got a bogus “downloadfile.bin.” I emailed I’m still waiting for this situation to be fixed. It’s very frustrating to pay for anything online and not get what we paid for.

  3. Joseph Says:

    UPDATE: Situation has been fixed. I really enjoyed that. My favorite parts will always be the kicks to the groin. I honestly would love a video where all the good looking thin-toned dudes get hit in the balls for the majority of the video, but this was good and Kix is hot as always.

    I would like to request a fight scene with a diversity of foes such as a hot Latino, Black guy, Asian guy in the mix as well. And of course more groin shots. The groin shots + with longer aftermath is what really gets me to buy these.

    This is a good video. About 3 groin shots. I wish she would habe finished him with a groin grab, twist and pull. But it was still good.

  4. Daniel Says:

    There ballbusting in this clip, more ballbusting please

  5. Albin Says:

    The fight seems great, I admit, but he is NOT a huge and muscular guy. Well… It wouldn’t be so bad to see Kandy girls beating the crap outta really huge and ripped guys (like Gunner from Erotic Mixed Fight) for once.

  6. mog Says:

    in this clip there are hits in groin?? ballbusting?

  7. sharobel Says:

    This guy is alright – I would’ve loved to see one of the other Kickass Kandy guys get hit in the balls shirtless!

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