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ACTION PACKED SILVER SPECTACULAR…IN 3 GUISES! LATEX DEVIL,  BAD SUPERHEROINE AND HOT PANTS GIRL! When badgirl Silver hijacks a deal and beats up all the gangsters, she leaves with a magic case full of surprises! Armed with her tight latex dress and killer boots she discovers the mystical properties and transforms into even deadlier versions of herself!  She’s mischievous, she’s vicious and she’s deadly and in this 15 minute epic just watch her high kick, knock out and brutalise anyone that gets in her way!

6 Responses to “MIDNIGHT KANDY (HD)”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Although I have other favourite Kandy girls as well Silver has to be added to my “roster” because of the enormous contribution she has made over time. Personally I prefer it when she is in cahoots with, or versus, the other girls. Here her male targets come across as pretty feeble (even when she fails to knock one out as expected). The action is sometimes much slower than usual and would have liked a shorter snappier clip in a less spartan setting. Nonetheless Silver always looks great and the costumes are fab.

  2. JadeOwl Says:

    This is a great movie!

    Leaving aside the obvious fact that the action is up to the usual standards of awesomeness that Kickass Kandy, the outfits in this one took things to a new level of hotness.

    And then there’s my favorite thing about this video, the Fourth Wall busting jokes that had me in stitches. Seriously, this is probably the funniest KAK movie ever!

  3. kingkai444 Says:

    does she go for the nuts while wearing the wonder woman costume?

  4. kingkai444 Says:

    she looks smoking’ hot. any groin kicks in this one?

  5. Faizan Tariq Khan Says:

    What is the model Silver character original name ?
    Can anyone tell me ?

  6. Steve Trevor Says:

    She is a great Wonder Woman! It’ll be great to see her take the gun and bend it after the ‘Bullets & Bracelets’!
    I think she should face several armed guys, shooting at the same time until the clips were empty. Then she’d take each gun, bend it with a smile, and then kick some ass as usual 😀

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