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Vixen and Skarlet cunningly go undercover as French girls for absolutely no reason, their mission is to protect their bar from notorious gangsters trying to bully them out of town. These gangsters have picked on the wrong girls. When these two femmes fatale launch into action their ferocious high kicks, devastating punches, brutal combat skills and killer heels rip these men apart. Each girl takes 2 guys on at the same time….and they unleash carnage. With flexibility, power and complete confidence these girls teach the men a hard lesson. They do offer the guys one big chance….beat them and they get the bar….I wonder what happens…..

2 Responses to “LES KICKASS”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Starting in the splendid bar room setting we have our two occupying KA henchgirls on scene now sporting a French flavour, both alluringly dressed in leather-skirted “Paris Apache” mode. They are sexily arousing to watch in this current beatdown action. Skarlet has come up splendidly in particular here. Love those scenes like where she gets a guy in sensual stranglehold with her mean long supple boots (she can do that to me anytime) and socks the darker guy on his clean-cut jaw to insensibility numerous times. Vixen takes over in cool style with her own brand of sock it to ’em in between. In the descent to the covered parking area searching for the cowering head guy (whom Vixen easily spots) it’s interesting that Skarlet actually gets thumped a few times during the final showdown before (naturally) prevailing with plenty of devastating assault and battery back. Amusingly scripted in typical KA quip style.

  2. Flux Says:

    *sighs* If there was any ballbusting and hopefully a lot, especially the hot dude in the white pants along with good aftermatch, I would have bought it.

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