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INCREDIBLE MIXED FIGHTING ACTION FROM KUNG FU KIX! When Kix finds out the Capital’s most notorious Karate School

has been match fixing, she goes to teach them a lesson. She likes a fair fight, so after she beats up all the henchmen she takes on all 3 of the bosses at the same time! Amazingly powerful and brutal ass kicking action from the black belt queen using every array of kick, punch, chop, knee, choke, banter and kills known to woman. Intense mixed fighting action from your KAK!


2 Responses to “KUNG FU KANDY (HD)”

  1. David Tong Says:

    is there any throat trampling action to kill the bad guys under Kix’s boot in this video? I buy any videos with trampling chocking on the throat but not seeing any in the preview

  2. Fanmax Says:

    The lighting looks good and so does wonderful Kix in her martial art gear plus black leather hotpants and long boots. She has scarcely been better, which is saying a lot. Admiration too for those selfless guys one by one privileged to tumble at her feet as she creates mayhem. Despite their efforts they are hopelessly outmatched. Wresting their sticks, flailing her nunchucks and most of all using her bare fists and swirling limbs, she cuts a deadly swathe through them just the way we like to see it.

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