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Cat and Bombshell have taken a wrong turning and have found themselves under siege in war torn Bosnia.They have to beat their way out of there, taking down anyone who stands in their path with lethal force and get back to present day London….they’ll fight them in dresses and they’ll fight them in catsuits…these girls mean business!

4 Responses to “KILLER KICK ASS”

  1. Alfred Says:

    I’m going to buy every last one of those hot blond kandy girls’ videos (I think her name in Cat).
    This is a promise.

  2. Gaudiotore Says:

    As Alfred said,

    What I particularly liked about this clip (long time fan, infrequent commentator) was that the agents took their time placing their kicks. Head to toe all sexy no blur in motion or execution of technique.

    But if Kandygirls are filmed in high def, forget about it. If not I like the action at this pace.

    When are you coming out with a soundtrack:))))

  3. Neo Says:

    I just finished watching it. My favorite henchmen is that sexy black guy. I wish there was some ballbusting/hit to the nuts involved. next time pls have some. 🙂

  4. Colton Says:

    LOVE THE ARROGANCE!! It adds salt to the wounds of the guys who got their a$$ kicked!

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