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KIX IS ON THE WARPATH – ONLY THE MOST VIOLENT REVENGE WILL DO.  Catsuit, thigh high boots and the deadliest legs and hands on the planet,  Kix is out to kill. Several years earlier arch enemy Klopp had tried to kill her on her wedding day and Kix has been waiting for this day ever since. Vengeance will be hers. Kix becomes a whirlwind of intense action – with her deadly high kicks, brutal punches and lethal chops she takes out any guard that dares look at her, it’s a massacre. She then comes face to face with her tormentor for one of the fiercest, most intense battles she’s ever had. One of them will die.

One Response to “KILL KIX: Vol.2”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    One of the best ever. A worthy sequel to the already superb first part with Kix again on blistering form (Uma Thurman watch out!). The girl adds nunchucks to her armoury (is there no end to her talents?) as she works her way through various tough guys beating them to pulp. Just love that moment where she pauses to draw on sexy long black leather gloves in preparation for the final showdown. Before that she has easily disposed of some pretty inept guards. She even flattens a guy who’s in an armoured vest with barely a blink of an eye. Then she has to confront a real muscleman and at last we get a real exciting tough to and fro battle making this an entirely satisfying episode. More please!

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