INTENSE, EPIC AND BRUTAL ACTION! This was supposed to be the happiest day of Kix’s life, now somebody must die!  This is a wedding day like no other – just when she thought it was safe to settle down her enemies had different thoughts and gun down her new husband. Kix then goes on a brutal rampage of violence and revenge until she gets answers but with a dramatic twist, she never expected this….. INCREDIBLE END TO END GIRL FIGHT ACTION.

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  1. Fanmax Says:

    Kix has always been one of your finest all-rounders; her all-white flared skirt long boot bridal outfit looks great and it’s strangely alluring to see it on her in a series of tough hand to hand showdowns. Even when she largely leaves out the karate you do not want to make this girl angry. Punch her on the jaw and the stomach as here and you get it back twenty-fold. Full of mayhem and retribution plus Bond-style quips this must be one of KAK’s most satisfying ‘mini movies’ yet.

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