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KAK ACTION EPIC – KIX FIGHTS 5 GUYS AT THE SAME TIME! Kix is on the hunt for ‘this guy’ when she stumbles across a violent mob looking for trouble. Kix politely advises them not to mess with her…unfortunately for them, they ignore it so she sets about to ruthlessly destroy all of them until she finds her man – she did warn them!  This is Kix at her best, a brutal battle of 1 V 5 – total Kix confidence, dominance and violence!



  1. Fanmax Says:

    Aah, my favourite kickass girl. Kix must be your most established best all-rounder. In classic fashion she takes on guys a foot taller than her (so busy, one picks his nose) and creates a mayhem that leaves them all distinctly worse for wear. The lighting, editing and other technical aspects are excellent. Enjoyed the couple of attempts they made to thump right into her beautiful bare belly. All to no avail of course. She seems to have here a greater array of fast, sometimes hilarious, moves and quips than ever. If she hasn’t had one lately give her a rise!

  2. frk1974 Says:

    This is the best kick ass kandy movie I ever purchased… thank you! Great job. Just more like this 🙂

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