KC FLEX IS ON A MISSION TO KICK ASS! When the Flex Brothers find out about a match rigging syndicate they send their little sister, KC, over to batter and humiliate them. KC Flex finds herself face to face with 3 of the bare knuckle boxing cheats and is poised to give all 3 the beatdown of a lifetime, at the same time! This super skilled, high kicking, knockout punching supermodel is going to try and break them all but

what chance does she have against 3 giants? or more likely, what chance have they got against her?

5 Responses to “KICKASS MOST WANTED (HD)”

  1. MatijaBarajac Says:

    Wow! Beautiaful. I want more.

  2. Fanmax Says:

    KC may have a phenomenal bust but check out her pelvic action in that (literally) knockout outfit… Glad that you guys, so good at being on the receiving end, get in a few blows, even if only briefly. She still wipes the floor with you bad bad lot (you should last out better than lying inactive for much of the three quarter mark!). Good video all the same, and, yes I watch the girl mostly, and certainly agree that she should always be the one left standing at the end. Keep up the super work.

  3. MatijaBarajac Says:

    On a scale from 1 to 10?

  4. Dridi Says:

    This is the 4th Kick Ass Kandy film I’ve bought, and probably the best.

    I like the way she fights. High-kicks, bone-crunching blows. I like that she’s totally dominant – the fight is never even.

    This clip shows the girl fighting three guys SIMULTANEOUSLY. That is more impressive, therefore more awesome, than fighting a bunch of guys one by one, which is too often the case.

    Great outfit, great fighter, sassy banter.

    More than 10 minutes long – that’s a pretty generous length.

    She uses her sex appeal to neutralize her opponents a little in the beginning, but I’d like to see this emphasized more; it’s great when she can dominate them mentally, by their desire for her, as well as physically.

  5. Xiwen Hughes Says:

    can KC FLEX be on the next video of kickass kandy please?

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