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KIX V SIX! Kix is the ultimate Goddess of war, Beautiful, Powerful and totally Invincible. This gorgeous Goddess is not to be messed with and when summoned in a seance by a gang of 6 dangerous men they get the kicking of a lifetime. After interrupting Kix during her hot tub with Hercules, they pay her the ultimate insult and this high kicking warrior unleashes hell on all 6 men at the same time. Dressed in her thigh high boots and low cut shorts she’s dressed for action and she wastes no time in using her legs and fists to teach these violent criminals some respect. This divine vision of beauty, power and superiority sets out on a path of total destruction that these 6 men will  regret forever.

One Response to “KICKASS ULTRA”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Just cannot miss any videos with the great Kix. She has everything; beauty with humour and although the guys tower over her she looks genuinely strong, so never have any problem about her taking them out (and not to dinner that’s for sure!). Another thing I like about her is that she is never afraid of being seen taking a hit now and then. Beardy one (Jon?) has been her best sparring partner from the beginning and sometimes he puts in a wallop or two to her face and stomach to keep it interesting. Of course she has the steel and still emerges supreme. Was that a padded bra she was wearing? If that was the case it was not needed at all. Whatever, she has a great natural figure which puts the artificially pumped up American ‘glamour-puss’ to shame.

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