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DIVA IS BACK….AND THIS TIME SHE’S INVINCIBLE! The incredible gymnastic, ultra-flexible, brutal uberbabe is back and this time she gets devious!  She lures deadly Kandygirls Kix and Skarlet into her perfect trap and after they beat up her guards she knocks them both out, hooks them up to her new transformer and sucks up all their skills and powers….Diva is about to become the ultimate supersoldier! This mesmerising action girl takes on her male army and destroys them all with those ferocious punches, lethal kicks and gymnastic flicks and even takes out Skarlet just for fun! But can she possibly be taken down??  THIS IS WORLD CLASS KICK ASS KANDY MIXED FIGHTING ACTION!


  1. JadeOwl Says:

    This video is extremely awesome!!! The flawless way in which the FF was blended with the FM strikes a great balance.

    This is also a must see for those who wish to understand how much of a difference the high heels make where the fight choreography is concerned. 😉

    And that goes double for Kix! The things she does in this video in heels, any other girl would’ve ended up with a broken leg ten times over! And she makes it look easy!

    Just imagining a Hi-Kix vs. Diva knock-down, drag-out without any limiting heels is enough to render me near catatonic. I’m sure even the high heels devotees can agree with me on that. The only thing that could possibly make it better is if it happened in a boxing ring, but that would be so awesome it might actually be dangerous, so maybe it’s for the best that it’s unlikely to happen in Part 2. 😉

  2. Fanmax Says:

    Diva is wonderful and definitely a new star, her array of attack and flexing techniques is awesome. She so cool, clearly having a great time as a ruthless schemer (not much backed up by her easily defeated male goons, apparently still decked in prison fatigues). She uses machine equipment at her headquarters to absorb the powers of the arriving armed girl agents. Super gut punch and cartwheel boot-smashes as she lays into a subsequently weakened Skarlet. Love seeing girls in catsuits and holding guns, which they eventually prefer not to use and settle with the ‘opposition’ in hand to hand combat KAK etc style. Really looking forward to the sequel (sequels?) where I trust Kix comes back into her own in the anticipated showdown with her and Skarlet’s nemesis.

  3. Mizta Says:

    Diva has got to be the best star to date. The main reason for making kickass femmes so incredible. We have got to see more videos of her like this – dominating and being HOT!

  4. denis Says:

    Is there a part 2? It says at the end: “To be continued…” I want to see Diva in the same catsuit and boots again.

  5. Kandyman Says:

    Yes there will….soon

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