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BRAND NEW KANDYGIRL SKARLET JOINS KIX IN EPIC BATTLE. When Kix learns of a huge shipment of shipment of Coke being smuggled into St Evra she enlists the help of the

super violent,

high kicking, gymnastic assassin Skarlet to take down the gang. Skarlet wipes out an army of men with ease, taking on 2 at a time whilst Kix goes straight to the heart of the operation but as they turn up the heat they find its not as simple as once thought. Danger looms…have the 2 girls taken on more than they can handle? almost 14 minutes of mixed fighting heaven.

9 Responses to “KICKASS: RETALIATION (HD)”

  1. ghost999 Says:

    Another custom!!! Another hit!! Well done!! Kak is trully at its best

  2. Steven Says:

    Kandy Girls carrying guns? I do not like that. It goes totally against the essence of this site where girls beat guys on hand to hand fights. In addition the guns and all that equipment they need to carry them distract and cut cut some visibility of their beautiful bodies. They look less sexy and I think it is not advisable to show them like that.

  3. David Tong Says:

    this video is not good.. need more kick and trample action. and lose the guns

  4. Jo Says:

    Awesome! This is certainly one of your best videos! Skarlet is absolutely a great new purchase, and she is as beautiful as sexy and scares when she throws down her male opponent! It’s not all it is a great idea to give her two opponents at a time, she’s fantastic when beats them.
    For the future, you might even get to three opponents, I’m sure she would succeed in the same way!
    And Hi-Kix that mean? What is exceptional in her swimsuit, sexy and lethal as ever!
    And it is really a great idea to separate them also to ‘start, so that each KAK girl goes to fight her OWN bunch of opponents, then be at the end and get the mutual congratulations! WOOOOW!!! Please keep in mind all of these great choices even in your next videos. It ‘absolutely the right way to do even better. Thank you.

  5. “Kickass: Retaliation” from KickAssKandy — Heroine Movies Says:

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  6. Fanmax Says:

    Super. This video pretty well had the lot plus the bonus of a flexible shapely new girl with smart jabbing and kicking moves of her own – welcome to the fold. Catsuit? Check. Lethal boots? Check. There’s even guns briefly brandished, leading to a startling sequence where one of your excellent bad guys for a change gets to knock Kix about (not for long of course). The characteristically no-nonsense crisp action was all very satisfying. Keep ’em coming like this!
    Just one matter to raise; it seemed a while ago that mention was made of a girl on girl battle coming up. I would look forward to that.

  7. bradeb Says:

    Hate to be negative… This is two movies in a row from the best in the business…. Hi-Kix…. with no high kicks. Is she injured?

  8. MatijaBarajac Says:

    I loved it.

  9. KAK ROCKS!! Says:

    This is one of the best videos on this site!

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