POWERFUL GIRL FIGHT ACTION STARRING VIXEN! When one of the Kandygirls arch enemies sends in a hit squad to take out Vixen and Skarlet he gets more than he bargained for. INTENSE, BRUTAL, ACTION GIRL BEATDOWNS! In Part 1 they’re in Hot Pants, boots and heels – it is National Hot Pants Day after all – and the intensity of their beatings is off the scale!! but which is more intense? Hot Pants or Evening Wear? Wait for Pt2 to decide! 

3 Responses to “KICKASS FOREVER (Pt1: HOT PANTS)”

  1. Steve Says:

    none of them,no hotpants with shows and no evening wear

  2. “Kickass Forever” – Part 1 from KickAssKandy | Heroine Movies Says:

    […] I’ll get the Kandy Crisis trailer posted as soon as it’s available.  In the meantime you can purchase Kickass Forever here. […]

  3. Fanmax Says:

    My, how time flew with this. One of KAK’s classiest productions. Great mood music and pin-sharp sound, in a stylish action setting, not to mention our statuesque battle queens in white and shiny gear showing lots of leg to devastating effect. Vixen looks very cool in her lamé pants and I also loved watching Skarlet in long black boots. Roll on Part 2 !

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