DIVA and JADE in CATSUITS, BOOTS and intense GIRL FIGHT ACTION.  It’s their day off so the girls put on their catsuits and infiltrate the countries elite special forces unit to see how many Ninjas they can beat up.  These high heeled super confident action queens get their kicks destroying their men physically and mentally so a gang of highly trained fighters give them the tingles.  Diva unleashes her incredible array of kicks, gymnastics and karate whilst Jade delivers her seductive brand of knockouts with her powerful fists and legs.  These girls enjoy every minute of this…..and when Jade is faced with 3 men at the same time she can hardly contain herself!

5 Responses to “KICKASS NINJAS”

  1. opponent12 Says:

    Both this and KA awakens are awesome! Whoever is making these customs keep it up haha!

  2. Fanmax Says:

    Jade amply confirms her promise (in KA awakens) and has several awesome moves. Again it’s versus those pathetic guys who have the nerve to call themselves ninjas. Looks like their crap “organisers” are going to have to recruit again from scratch after our Kandygirls slaughtered this lot without breaking a sweat. I’ve said this before but please, when the girls are challenged by the next mini army, give them some guys who are more capable of actually giving these alluring femmes, who can turn to violence so casually, a fight.
    Despite the predictability I still enjoy this for the bit of fun it is and the interiors used are great.
    The clincher for me is seeing that superb kicker Diva, one of my faves, in long boots plus an Emma Peel all-leather catsuit for the first time (she is given a gun and it would have been something if she had to use it, though seeing her here using a lethal Avengers style karate chop gives me alternative satisfaction).

  3. pulphead Says:

    Does the movie begin with the girls already captured? Or the capture scene is briefly shown?

  4. Fanmax Says:

    The opening has ninja guys sneaking up behind the girls and chloroforming them, then they are tied up. The girls come to and straightaway the cocky guys untie them to put them through a series of challenges that the ‘ninjas’ imagine won’t be met by their captives. The real action therefore starts after only about two and a quarter minutes (including the opening credit) have passed at this point.

  5. Ahamd Fathy Says:

    What’s jade true name ?

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