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FM ACTION EPIC! starring DIVA and brand new Kandygirl BLAZE! We follow the 2 ass kicking action heroines on an incredible adventure as they show us how to take down an entire crime gang with their bare fists and kicks. In this 15 minute spectacular they’ll use their lethal martial arts, high kicks, gymnastics, acrobatics and kickass attitude to put these guys just where they want them.

5 Responses to “KICKASS NINE-NINE”

  1. Drew Says:

    Well we know that the ladies here are multi talented and likevthecnanevof the site implies but it would be just a little bit of a different twist if they were to at some point just maybe meet an spooner that isn’t such Wimps
    Some one that might have fighting skills of there own to just possible give them a challenge instead of being completely designated from the very beginning?
    Maybe that’s not what your fan base wants and that’s fine, but for myself it does add that little extra excitement to the action 🙂
    Any other fans out there feel that way or is just me ?

  2. Fanmax Says:

    I agree with Drew that invariably the guys are just TOO easy a prey though having said that It has always been my fantasy to watch lovely ladies beating the crap out of them and on that count this is another enjoyable video. Yes it’s good to see at least one guy landing devastating retaliatory gut and face punches (and us knowing that it’s not going to do him any good) and I think that KAK could go further along that avenue for interest.
    As for this video many guys would consider it a privilege to get choked out between a girl’s booted legs… All your ladies play it well tongue-in-cheek. They also look great in black leather and these two are no exception. And what a stunning newcomer we have in Blaze. Please try to hold on to her (and I’d love to see her in that catsuit again).

  3. Ahamd Fathy Says:

    She is very sexy and strong
    I like that

  4. Kevin Says:

    Just watched this video, don’t let go of Blaze, I mean all those relentless fast high kicks, head-scissors, low blows, and she can do it all flawlessly in that sexy Catsuit and High boots. She is defiantly my favorite and I would like to see more of her that’s for sure.
    But I don’t get one thing, why are they talking to us (the viewers) between scenes?
    It’s kinda strange, you watch a video and suddenly the actress looks at you and explain the situation.
    But nevertheless, great video!

  5. opponent12 Says:

    I wish these two would be in more videos together, they are the sexiest!

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