2 brutal criminals are sent to THE SLAMMER, the deadliest prison on the planet and if they survive for 1 hour they’ll be set free. However, they are about to be hunted down by the two deadliest BADASS HITGIRLS on the planet, SILVER and TWIX, the evil twin of Kix. The girls’ challenge is to beat, torment, humiliate, torture and kill these men and they love their job. These high kicking, fast punching, brutal kickass hitgirls are undefeated but will these 2 criminals get out alive?  Watch for the twist at the end…..

2 Responses to “KICKASS ISLAND”

  1. JadeOwl Says:

    I don’t know how you keep surpassing yourself Kandyman. 😀

    The scene between the 9:00 and 12:30 minute marks has to be one of the most awesome displays of fight choreography I have ever seen. Simply and utterly breathtaking and mind-blowing. If Kix can do that while wearing heels one can only imagine the rarefied heights of action and brutality she could potentially reach.

    There are not enough praises Kandyman. Congratulations! 😀

  2. Fanmax Says:

    The fight choreography as ever is well done and stars three of the best stalwarts going (plus a relatively new guy). So ok viewing, but still it could have been made less predictable. At first it’s promising that the girls play hired assassins. Their targets are desperadoes roaming in a prison who hear broadcast by Colonel Badass of the underworld (resembling a Next Global Crisis etc type voiceover) that they are challenged to stay alive for an hour, when their KA girls get to work. Not only will the targets go free but also stand to win the proverbial round million dollars (this is a British series, why not make it £750,000?).
    Seems that was not sufficient incentive for, notwithstanding one headbutt, the desperadoes put up incredibly feeble resistence, even by KAK norms, and don’t last 10 minutes apiece. In effect savage beatdowns ensue with no surprises except in the very last few seconds. The starting action could have been trimmed and room made to include new and more equal combat final, instead of stopping so abruptly.
    KAK productions are way better than most clips featuring fighting female vs male. They are certainly more entertaining and funnier. I’m harder on this one because I believe that the always excellent pairing of Kix and Silver can be used in a more variegated way. The action takes place inside a dull dusty deserted block, relieved in one scene by having a near all-white background dressing and where it is at its best.
    In case someone is going to ask; there is a (one) ballbust.

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