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The Kickass Fury Movie

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The Kickass Fury Movie

THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR! Sex Panther, one of the world’s hottest and deadliest spies, is on a mission to save the world. Dressed in her red latex dress and killer heels she’s a devastating force in action! Using only her hard body, high kicks and deadly karate she takes out a gang of enemy operatives, one by one. She’s a one woman army, delivering powerful and athletic beatdowns and enjoying every minute of it.  But just when she you think she’s destroyed enough men she changes into her black skintight catsuit and leather thigh high boots and carries on. Finally, Sex Panther humiliates her men with an incredible display of gymnastics and spin kicking to add insult to the injuries.


5 Responses to “The Kickass Fury Movie”

  1. Harry Makepeace Says:

    This is the greatest film i’ve EVER seen. I am stunned by how amazing Sex Panther is. Thank you Kandyman and the team…. seriously, this film has blown my mind!!!

  2. jack Says:

    who is she?

  3. mark Says:

    One of the best clips you’ve made. Hope you do more with Panther (Dannii Harwood).

  4. Steven Says:

    With such a hot, powerful and martial arts skilled girl. This is the best ever produced video by Kickass kandy. It was a great idea that Sex Panther is dressed is such a hot mini dress and wearing those very sexy high heel shoes. More videos like that should be produced.

  5. Mike Says:

    I just wish the actors had a little more of a serious attitude, and I would like to see the girls sneaking up on the guys without them even noticing them. But I like the overall concept.

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