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DOUBLE BILL!  GOLD AND VIXEN TAKE OUT AN ARMY! These two deadly supermodels set the soldiers a test, if they can capture the flag they get to spend the night with both of them! One by one these 2 incredible fighting females use all their martial arts skills to rip them apart and destroy them but  will one brave soldier be man enough to win?



One Response to “KICKASS FRIDAY (HD)”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Vixen rolls with the punches (hold on, didn’t she end up dead on your girl on girl sister site? Personally I can, ha ha, live with that) and beats up guys again with a smile and a joke thrown in. Gold also most certainly has style. Love her aloof, sultry and uncompromising badass approach as she annihilates the opposition! (also the 2-piece outfit with hotpants that befit her codename, in her second action sequence).

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