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DOUBLE BILL!  GOLD AND VIXEN TAKE OUT AN ARMY! These two deadly supermodels set the soldiers a test, if they can capture the flag they get to spend the night with both of them! One by one these 2 incredible fighting females use all their martial arts skills to rip them apart and destroy them but  will one brave soldier be man enough to win?



3 Responses to “KICKASS FRIDAY (HD)”

  1. JAY Says:

    I like the new black guy under the mask and the other new one with the beret and green army pants, but I was bored. There was no good ballbust in which is what I hoped for from those Kandy Girls.

  2. Mmaker Says:

    Thanx Jay, What a pity no ballbust, so I won’t buy this clip…
    Please a special “kick balls kandy” with awesome legs and high heels…

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Vixen rolls with the punches (hold on, didn’t she end up dead on your girl on girl sister site? Personally I can, ha ha, live with that) and beats up guys again with a smile and a joke thrown in. Gold also most certainly has style. Love her aloof, sultry and uncompromising badass approach as she annihilates the opposition! (also the 2-piece outfit with hotpants that befit her codename, in her second action sequence).

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