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JJ KICKS ASS!  When JJ’s mind is taken over by her enemy she has to kill 3 invaders or she dies. In this ass kicking sci-fi epic JJ has to be at her spin kicking, leg choking, power punching, gymnastic fighting best to take down her impregnable foes. Looking hot as hell with a cocky attitude to match JJ relishes the chance to take on her male opponents with her lethal body – and she uses her vast array of unarmed combat skills to deliver almighty beatdowns….however, with each invader stronger than the last, will she have enough to win her mind back?  FREE PHOTOSET WITH FILM PURCHASE!


  1. Samantha Lee Says:

    get rid of those awful shorts, not spending any money on this

  2. Fanmax Says:

    I only agree with Samantha in that there is a trend lately to take up space with photo stills. I’d much rather KAK chucked out ZIPs and as I’ve said before revert to video-only on the much less finnicky MP4 format straight off. After that gripe I’d certainly say that this video would not be a waste of money if offered separately at, say, £7.99. It’s short yes but has a fresh dream/nightmare angle. Rather like a dark snippet of Alice in Wonderland crossed with Kafka? JJ beats guys with her hands tied literally and it’s good to see more to and fro added to the mix.

  3. Kandyman Says:

    We’d have put the film up for sale at £9.99 anyway, the photoset was a little freebie for you.

  4. Fanmax Says:

    Great to read your acknowledgment. I’m still no fan of Zip files but thanks about your photoset freebie (had just purchased the generous new KAF Kix v Skarlet photoset by the way).

  5. Kandyman Says:

    We really love your reviews Fanmax so thanks for another cool one. I hear you on the Zip files 🙂

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