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THE ULTIMATE BATTLE. MAN V WOMAN. There’s a new goddess on the planet and she’s on a mission of total destruction. She calls herself Warrior Woman and she’s challenged the Man of Steel to a battle to the death. This is a woman of physical perfection, so skilled in the arts of unarmed combat that she claims to be invincible. Clad in her armour of leather and latex she uses her deadly legs and fists to the max in one of the most intense battles the universe has ever seen. Can she really defeat the Man of Steel?

  • Victorypose .

    I’m absolutely gutted. I bough this clip based on the last photo which was a marvellous victory pose and to my utter dismay this scene wasn’t included in the clip. False advertising at it’s worst..

  • Guy

    Wow, this looks amazing from the trailer – is she invulnerable to his punches at any time?

  • Fanmax

    The trailer made this entry look like a promising departure, with the guy for once in costume too. It’s well enough done but however, ho hum, instead of a real battle of the Titans as I hoped, after a somewhat drawn out build up, it’s yet another virtually all one-sided beatdown. Kix of course as Warrior Woman makes a good lethal adversary and gives it her all. I love watching her in action and the idea of Superman getting roughed up. She even knees him in the nether regions (how unsuperheroine of her, though admit I enjoyed that too).
    What I wasn’t expecting was to have the superguy almost at the outset respond so feebly to the challenge (it made me wonder if someone had slipped Kryptonite into his whisky). I think we ought to see the superhero resurrected and pitted against Kix in a second, tougher, re-match.

  • Tag777

    The victory pose at the end that is shown in the pictures is missing in the video. I bought the video only because it supposedly would be in the final scenes.

  • steven


  • Archie Damigos

    I loved this video! Much better than the previous Superman battle! I hate when the superhero is killed in the end…in this one it just seems he’s been knocked out unconscious…and it happens twice!! More Superhero battles please adding perhaps some more humiliation, like removing the costume or unmasking him and continue with the beating!!

  • dustybottums2002

    We need more Kix in our lives. All of us.