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When Miss Skarlet takes over the baddest school in Kandyland, she gives out the kind of punishment they’ll never forget! Kandy High School has become unteachable and out of control –  so they bring in the hottest but toughest specialist on the planet to knock them into shape. Underestimate her at your peril! Dresses to kill, Skarlet brutalises the school bully with her high kicks, power punches, killer knees to face, kick boxing, karate, scissors and pins until he can take no more! Amazingly hot, high powered girl fight action!

6 Responses to “KICKASS DYNAMITE (HD)”

  1. M T Says:

    Does kix get beat too?

  2. “Kickass Dynamite” from KickAssKandy + A Mini-Editorial | Heroine Movies Says:

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  3. Fanmax Says:

    One of the best, with some occasional too-and-fro to spice up the dazzling action (there’s a bonus opener with Kix too meting out punishment to the lucky/hapless new bully). Miss Skarlet is another breathtaking KAK beauty. She is just fab (sexy voice too) and would make an ideal Lara Croft.

  4. Fanmax Says:

    Kix is in a short but snappy pre-credit fight at the school, with a guy. This is interrupted by their Head. New trainer Skarlet arrives as the film proper starts and she goes to town roughing up the guy. He fights back occasionally but is clearly outmatched. Kix looks on in knowing amusement and takes no further part during the bout. It seems that both ladies have mutual contempt for this guy’s combative ability and exit together when he’s been done with.

  5. M T Says:

    Why would Kix not get beat as well? Both her and the guy were fighting.

  6. M T Says:

    Why would kix not get punished like the guy? This is a plot hole or they just want my action and not ff action.

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