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AISH, THE BLACKBELT BALLERINA, ANNIHILATES 3 GUYS! When Aish’s brother is beaten up by a gang, Aish goes in search of revenge. With a big smile on her face and sexy leather boots on her feet she can’t wait to dish out some solid beatdowns. First she takes on 2 huge guys, at the same time, and toys with them and shows off her amazing kicking skills, karate chops and boxing expertise before knocking them out. These guys can’t handle one beautiful girl…so they call in their ringer, the big gun but can he do any better?  Blistering kickass action from one of the sexiest fighters on the planet!

13 Responses to “THE KICKASS DEFENDER”

  1. Barry Scott Says:

    Hi this video would have been perfect if she was wearing a denim mini skirt, do you think we’ll see that in future clips?

  2. opponent12 Says:

    Aish is definitely a new favorite! These last 3 clips she’s been in have all been getting better and better.

  3. seachief22 Says:

    I agree with Barry, skirts yes, shorts no

  4. spiralqq Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a video like this for so long!! Praying we get to see more “girl vs shirtless hunks” style matches in the future♥

  5. Daniel Says:

    There are ballbusting here?

  6. Albin Says:

    I bought the clip and that blond dude helplessly beaten up by Aish is freakin hot!

  7. diva_fan Says:

    I’d rather have DIVA in this video instead of Aish.

  8. JLPICARD Says:

    I do not call it ballbusting, it’s a shame because it’s great

  9. Spaceballs Says:


    I’d say there is one bust. Double fist punch standing in front of them with her back to them. Was somewhat worth it simply for how hot she looks though.

  10. Ninja Says:

    You guys need new actors that are in shape and a lot of ballbusts. A lot! It’s disappointing to wait this long and get only this. Plus you need an inclusive cast. Have some sexy black men, latinos, asians, and as always more ballbusts.

  11. Kyle Says:

    Totally agree with Ninja’s opinion. Joe is hot and we need more hot guys! More ballbusting scenes, and more guys fight in shirtless!

  12. Vasiliy Says:

    Yeah guys, really, so beautiful girls – and virtually no ballbusting which is arguably the sexiest way for a woman to dominate a male.
    Pleaaaaase! It would be awesome if you could add more ballbusting in your future clips!

  13. frank Says:

    Great video!! Aish´s hotness alone is worth buying the video. Love how she beats up both big guys so brutally while being feminine and taunting them. she smiles all the way and seems to enjoy knocking the guys out

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