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BEATDOWN HEAVEN! She beautiful, she’s tough and she’s very very smart! Kix lures 2 dangerous criminals to her lair where she is about to unleash hell on them! Dressed in her skintight dominatrix catsuit and boots she is about to deliver Kix’s unique brand of  devastating justice to 2 men who’ve been on the run for far too long.  She’s tricked them into turning up and gives them an option, jail or a humiliating beatdown…. but which one do they take?? well, the beatdown….obviously! FOOLS.

5 Responses to “KICKASS CREED”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Well, we were told it was going to be a beatdown, and I really laughed at the slapstick exit bit. Kix always looks great in black leather and especially in catsuit mode (she can then beat me up any time!).
    I have to say that for me it’s been even more fun in those rare times when she’d get captured, got beaten up for a bit (no-one reacts to that better than this girl), tied up, then whirling back like a Dervish to wreak her awesome onslaughts of bare fist and booted feet (infinitely more sexy than resorting to sticks or, my least favourite, knives).
    The beatdown sound effects are among the best yet (love them loud and brutal, which in an odd way makes the simulated violence more engaging than toning them down to ‘realistic’).
    But I’ll say it yet again, come on you men, show more fight please.

  2. VDB Says:

    Any ballbusting?

  3. Fanmax Says:

    Well, for late additional ouch entertainment she does it to the beardy guy just after 11:35 (twice I think) then slams her boot into the crotch of the other at least 3 or 4 times after about 12:05 I think (not much fight in them before as it was!).

  4. Flux Says:

    Because of this comment, I actually bought it and I enjoyed it. I wish there just as many or even more ballbusts in the “Kickassbeyond” video.

  5. dustybottums2002 Says:

    My gosh. This woman is my Kryptonite. Just FABULOUS.

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