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THE EPIC TRILOGY BEINGS….When 2 Agents are lured into the dark, deep underworld, they don’t realise they’re part of a criminal master plan of epic proportions. Code Red is filled with intrigue, plot twists, catsuits and incredible red hot kandygirl fight action!  This all action series is a tale of mind games, good Vs evil and some of the most intense high kicking, fast punching, female dominated FM (and a sprinkling of FF) action on the planet.




One Response to “KICKASS: CODE RED”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    With the energy-sapping device we seem to be moving into superheroine territory here, which could be a different type of KAK production. This is ok by me if confined to just the odd series though personally I still prefer the good old down to earth punchups and kicks without mystical devices and powers intervening. Having said that there is welcome girl vs girl action included in this and Skarlett is beautiful as a baaad girl. Also long leather boots worn by the ladies are always good to see.

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