VIXEN TO THE RESCUE! When a brutal KAK agent goes rogue, kidnaps a Government Op and beats vital information out of him, it’s time to get serious… CATSUIT. BOOTS. VIXEN. ACTION. This extra long epic is packed with incredible girl fighting action as these 2 beauties rip apart their men apart but all is not what it seems!  This rogue agent is devious and deadly and sets about a course of events that shock and rock her world. Intense high kicking, power punching, karate chopping FM action from 2 of KAK’s all time greats, dressed to thrill and kill.

2 Responses to “KICKASS: CODE WHITE”

  1. Fanmax Says:

    Good action and Vixen always looks sexy and lethally awesome in a full length black leather-like catsuit with long boots. Especially enjoyed the second to-and-fro fight against the beefy guy while she’s under hypnosis. Truly she looked better than ever. Please keep these spots going with this character, and with everyone enhancing an already excellent episode.

  2. Anonymos Says:

    Very good action, and “Video” is so sexy and she just must be in more videos, and I want “Video” to put her heel in guys. Just trample so it get more sexiness in the video.

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